Podcast on the birth of NoSQL and DynamoDB

I subscribe to MobyCast, a podcast on all things Docker and a lot of AWS. Recently, they took a deep dive into the origin and history of DynamoDB.

Chris Hickman and Jon Christensen of Kelsus and Rich Staats from Secret Stache offer a history lesson on the unique challenges of data at “Internet scale” that gave birth to NoSQL and DynamoDB. How did AWS get to where it is with DynamoDB? And, what is AWS doing now?

These episodes are well worth a listen, even if you are not a "NoSQL" person.

  1. The Birth of NoSQL and DynamoDB
  2. Building a database for internet-scale applications (Circa 1998)
  3. The Birth of NoSQL and DynamoDB (Part 3)
  4. The Birth of NoSQL and DynamoDB (Part 4)