About Me

I first started by career in web development back in 2001 when by hard rock band needed a website to promote our concerts. We "got our hands" on Macromedia flash and built our first website on Geocities (look it up if you need to). Even since that first itch, I have always rotated back towards work in web development.

For many years I spent time working on server administration, on servers such as:

  • macOS
  • Linux (Ubuntu, CentOS, RedHat, Solaris)
  • Windows XP, Vista, 7
  • Windows Server 2003/2008/2012

I have even spent some time in networking, phone systems, and help desk support. I have done just about all aspects of Information Technology - which I believe has made me a well rounded engineer.

In 2009, I discovered a PHP based Content Management System (CMS) ExpressionEngine. The concepts ExpressionEngine provided to freelance developers was absolutely amazing. This kicked off my love of web development. Years later, born out of the ExpressionEngine community, a new developer focused CMS (Craft) was born, I was instantly hooked and ready to move on from system administration to full-time web development. So I began my career freelancing as a web developer.

It took a few years, it seems with a resume heavy in server administration people want you to keep doing the same type of work, but I finally transitioned from server administration to web development.

I started with a few enterprise Content Management Systems, specifically Adobe Experience Manager. This was a Java based and despite all of its flaws - I was able to bring some ExpressionEngine and Craft concepts to a monolithic platform. Eventually in 2014, I found Laravel (The PHP Framework For Web Artisans). PHP development went to a whole new level and I was thoroughly excited with the opportunities Laravel provided.

Since then, I have worked on small-to-enterprise level projects. Everything from Websites, APIs, Plugins, to systems with automatic reporting, email subscribers, and highly customizable Content Management Systems.

This is a very short overview of my career, if you are interested in discussing and projects or asking for additional details, please reach out through my contact form.